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What goes into creating a successful marketing campaign?

December 16, 2021

One of the biggest misconceptions of homebuilder marketing is that simply creating and sharing content is enough to have a positive impact on your business. In actuality, brands see much more success in their marketing efforts when they approach it strategically—getting a real return on investment that can boost their brand recognition, drive more potential customers to their website and potentially sell more homes.

Here at Builder Designs, our marketing team helps homebuilders across the country identify goals, develop a content strategy, review the results and make adjustments as the market shifts. We work with our clients to ensure we’re hitting their target audience with the right messaging, at the right time on the right platform. Our team breaks down the process of developing an eye-catching campaign into four parts: the concept, the components, the execution and the results.

The Concept

To develop a meaningful campaign, we have to start with an end goal in mind. If you’re a builder with a seemingly endless supply of inventory, perhaps your goal is selling out a specific community by a target date. Or maybe you’re a few months out from breaking ground on a new neighborhood, but hope to presell each lot before construction even begins. Or you’re running a bit behind on production and just need to keep people interested in your brand so you can sell your inventory easily once it’s available. No matter your situation, our team can take your goals—or help you identify them—and brainstorm ideas that will help you achieve them.

Some builders come to us with their ideas, or want us to take the reins completely. Being a team of experts who work exclusively within the homebuilding industry means we’re up-to-date on what works—and what doesn’t—for brands of varying sizes, product type and throughout different regions of the country.  

The Components

Once we have a goal to accomplish and a general idea of how we’ll get there, it’s time to break down the campaign into unique components across multiple platforms. For most campaigns, this will include a mix of organic and paid social media, blogs to boost on-site SEO and well-timed email blasts. Our team collaborates to ensure messaging is cohesive between platforms, and that every piece of content works toward achieving the goal or goals of the builder.

The Execution

After a client approves our ideas, messaging and components, it’s time to create a schedule and actually execute the work. Again, our industry knowledge and marketing experience helps our team determine the optimal time and place to share your content. Marketing for high-value starter homes for first-time buyers is a lot different than marketing for 55+ communities or pricier homes in master-planned communities—and we know the strategies to implement for your specific needs. Our team will create a content calendar that maximizes the efforts and generates more positive results.

The Results  

There’s a few ways to see if a marketing campaign achieved what it was supposed to, but data offers true proof of concept and showcases what performed best. Analyzing data post-campaign not only helps you identify your return on investment—it also helps to see areas for improvement and ways we can make your next campaign even more successful.

If you’re looking to take your marketing efforts to the next level, powered by real strategy with real results, the marketing team at Builder Designs can help get you on the right track. For more information or for examples of our past work, call Amber at (913) 393-3367 or email her at

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