4 B2B Ecommerce Myths Companies Need to Abandon

mobile ecommerce solutionWhat tools your B2B ecommerce brand is offering to customers?

To offer a great online user experience is crucial. Customers expect for tools that can help them run their business efficiently. So be mindful about what you’re delivering, since a bad digital interface could affect your brand negatively. It’s essential to realize and meet user’s expectations, but much important is to think beyond it and go further to surpass their presumptions. Dump the obsolete business myths and leverage the new trends. Here are some of the important myths your brand should be dropping in 2018 to excel beyond all expectations.

Using Software and Automation Takes Away Your Customers
Some say it is not good to use smart software and automated tools, well it’s false. Fact is utilizing such tools and automating certain processes can actually help run your business smartly. Mostly customers demand for, is service. Concentrate on delivering a service-based business. A complex business doesn’t attract customer as much as the easy one. Make it as easy as possible by using B2B wholesale platforms. Many big brands have seen opting for Shopify B2B solution because of its amazing user experience. With Shopify live chat and customer service portals, you can manage great customer value 24/7.

Latest Website Design Doesn’t Count In B2B Sphere

Do you agree that a site made three years ago can still function competently? Does your B2B website deliver mobile responsive experience to users? Just because you’re dealing with professionals in B2B arena, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider latest web designs. Let us inform you that trends are changing! You need to keep up with it by analyzing what your competitors are doing. Online videos work well if your business is selling software or tech.

There Is Always Room For Few Errors!

No its not, so never aim for it. Customers do not expect slow-loading pages, 404s and bad user experience. Ideally, you should always update coding of your site to keep secure. Regularly keep an eye on any redirects. Be certain that your site loading time is super-fast.

My B2b Website Should Appeal Everyone

What is the real point to build B2B website? Your website is for your customers not for everyone. Be relevant to your target audience. From words to images, everything should be appealing to specific niche. Make your site landing page industry specific and balance your words with images.


In 2018, running a B2B ecommerce business is challenging. Although, choosing the right B2B ecommerce solution can provide value to your customers. There are lots of top B2B platforms to think about, choose the one that knows how to keep your customers happy!

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